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The constitution of the United Kingdom Lingnan COMMERCIAL




Since the reform and opening up the country, rapid economic development, people’s living standards, but also in view of the infiltration of Western culture consciousness, Chinese traditional culture impact to some extent. As overseas Chinese, we are determined to Chinese culture, including Lingnan culture to flourish, and the creation of this Council.

Chapter One purpose

1. “doing things” and “dedication” is the highest purpose I will;
2. The Overseas Chinese for many years to be integrated in academic exchanges, sports or art, tourism culture, food and cultural resources, carry forward traditional Chinese culture, and promote the Sino-British economic and cultural interaction, promote spiritual substance double harvest;
3. actively participate in bilateral British companies, trade associations, government activities to enhance understanding and mutual trust, the English do the matchmaking business, advisory services platform;
4. To strengthen internal solidarity members, actively organize various recreational activities.

Chapter II Organization




Chapter III Responsibilities

1. The President of duties

First, convene and preside over the Council meetings;
Second, the nomination of candidates for the appointment of the Secretary-General;
Third, check the situation on behalf of members of the Council to implement the resolutions of the General Assembly;
Fourth, the development of this organization will develop plans and objectives; summary report once a year.
Fifth, sign important documents.

2. The Honorary President of duties

First, the honorary chairman is a position of honor, awarded on the Council and the community have a special contribution of eminent personalities, where appropriate, may be entrusted by the president to attend and participate in the activities and meetings;
Second, enjoy all the rights of this Council and other members.

3. Executive Vice President in

First, to assist the president to carry out the work Chamber of Commerce;
Second, the coordination of the work of the vice president;
Third, the development of members; expand network coverage and the impact of foreign chambers of commerce.

4. The Secretary-General Responsibilities

First, he presided over the overall work of the Secretariat;
Second, it is directly responsible for the president;
Third, focus attention on the office, outreach, investment information, human rights work;
Fourth, responsible for all kinds of reception Jianzheng sign bills;
Five major events and important work, to president and vice president liaison and reporting;
Sixth, the president office meeting, executive director of the Conference for periodic work reports.

5. Vice President of duties

First, the coordinating chairman of the work;
Second, according to the president proposed to participate in the development of this work arrangements;
Third, the Chamber of Commerce in charge of financial matters.

6. Financial Responsibility

Working a financial management organization and leadership of the Chamber of Commerce, budget management, accounting, accounting supervision, auditing and supervision, the establishment of Supervision;
Second, the Chamber of Commerce to participate in the development of the annual financial plan, the audit branch reported financial budget, financial analysis meeting convened and chaired the Chamber of Commerce;
Third, grasp the financial situation and the Chamber of Commerce capital movements, timely reporting work to the president and the Council.
Fourth, developed under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce of financial management, accounting and accounting supervision, budget management, audit inspection rules and procedures, organization and implementation after approval and supervise the implementation;
Five, responsible for auditing the Chamber of Commerce signed a financial planning, financial reporting, accounting statements of accounts, countersigned by the major events planned involving financial revenue and expenditure;
Sixth, the Chamber of Commerce to participate in important activities and other aspects of policy-making and program development, participated in the study of major economic agreements, review, analysis and decision-making involved in important economic issues;
Seven organizations strengthen the financial system files, data, record keeping and periodic archiving.

7. Public Market responsibility

First, in charge of the site of the Chamber of Commerce briefing on the work journal and editorial work;
Second, to strengthen links with other providers always keep abreast of the country’s organization of exchange of experience in order to promote the comprehensive construction of the Chamber of Commerce;
Third, in charge of the Chamber of Commerce and member, the member companies of media coverage;
Fourth, responsible for media-related contact and reception of the Chamber of Commerce of various media interviews;
Fifth, in charge of the Chamber of Commerce events and invite the news media to implement published, broadcast manuscripts and other matters;
Sixth, in charge of the Chamber of Commerce’s e-journal work.

8. Event Planning

First, to strengthen the links between government and the relevant functional departments, information about important events;
Second, timely organization of the Chamber of Commerce to participate in some of the major events.

9. administrative responsibilities

First, the President or the Secretary-General to assist the Chamber to do master plan, provide comments or suggestions for effective leadership of the Chamber of Commerce;
Second, the completion of the work and tasks assigned by the President or the Secretary-General;
Third, the Chamber of Commerce to develop rules and regulations to standardize the management of the Chamber of Commerce, improve work efficiency;
Fourth, the Chamber of Commerce is responsible for document management and records management;
Fifth, planning, directing, coordinating work within departments, so that departments run efficiently;
Sixth, for each staff and other related departments of administrative supervision, and assessment of the quality and quantity of their work;
Seven, according to the actual situation of the Chamber of Commerce for the introduction of a viable management model, the Chamber of Commerce to achieve overall strategic goals.

10. The members of the personnel management responsibilities

First, the overall responsibility for the daily administrative affairs Chamber of items: personnel management, meeting preparation, security, data file management and stamp management;
Second, the Chamber of Commerce in charge of human resources planning, and personnel recruiting, interviewing, training, assessment;
Third, the Chamber of Commerce in charge of access to guests, members of the reception work; responsible for membership registration of members, data collection, collation filing;
Fourth, in-depth investigations of member companies, members understand the dynamic, timely feedback to the leadership of the Chamber of Commerce;
Five, responsible for membership dues collection efforts.

Chapter members

1. Membership

a) have joined the Chamber of Commerce will, can take the initiative enthusiastic dedication to the Chamber of Commerce;
b) have a certain influence in the industry-wide;
c) to participate in the activities of the Chamber of Commerce;
d) to complete the membership of the procedures and requirements;
e) all corporate and individual membership must submit a membership registration application form, filled information must be true, legal, and corporate and individual credit certificates issued;
f) Secretariat for qualification examination by the Chamber of Commerce;
g) After the trial by and reported to the Board after approval as a full member of the Chamber of Commerce and go through admission procedures;
h) membership registration form unified and record management, staff members of the Chamber of Commerce to filing for registration information and proper management.

2. The members have the following rights

a) members will be entitled to participate in various activities of the Organization;
b) members to have access to this service priority, the right to request this will safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and solve their practical difficulties;
c) Members with criticisms and suggestions, and to supervise the work of the Council;
d) members have to join the voluntary, free withdrawal rights.

3. Member overlying row following obligations

a) comply with the constitution, the implementation of this resolution;
b) to the present will be truthfully provide relevant information;
Maintain a good image of the Association and the legitimate rights and interests, the completion of this work will be assigned;
c) by chapter fails to pay dues.

4. Members of withdrawal and expulsion

a) voluntary withdrawal of membership shall be filed in writing, the receipt of an application to withdraw from the termination of their membership, and be publicized;
b) admission of new members should be from the date the president will approve the application within 30 days of a one-time fee paid, older members in May of each year shall be a member of the General Assembly within 30 days after closing-time paid dues. Members such as no special reason and can not pay their contributions on schedule as automatic withdrawal;
c) any member who contravenes national laws, regulations and the Articles of Association of the Chamber of Commerce, if the circumstances are relatively minor, the Board decided to criticize the administration, education, warning; serious crimes or, to be discussed by the Executive Committee decided removed, and be publicized;
d) quit membership (including voluntary withdrawal, involuntary withdrawal, removal) will be the secretariat would like to return the membership card, the member contacts;
e) Whether voluntary resignation, involuntary resignation or removal, the dues will not be returned.

Chapter V funding

1. contributions;
2. donations;
3. The government funding;
The affiliated companies of the revenue;
5. conduct business and service revenue in the approved business scope.

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