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The first chapter of the Guangzhou Cultural and trade association British General

Guangzhou – China’s “South Gate”, “Sea Road” port, is also the forefront of reform and opening up. With the improvement of people’s material living standards, construction of spiritual civilization are maturing. Lingnan culture, as a treasure of Chinese culture, but also increasingly by people all over the world know and love. In order to carry forward the Lingnan culture and the heritage will be effective in the next generation, but also to help cultural industries in Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta region of the world, the establishment of the Guangzhou Cultural British trade association (hereinafter referred to as the Association or the Council). English name: UK- GUANGZHOU CULTURE AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, abbreviations UGCBA. Office address is: 33 BLOOMSBURY WAY, LONDON WC1A 2SA, UK.

This will be officially registered in the United Kingdom by the UK regulatory laws and regulations, and employ a series of documents lawyers, accountants review legal documents and financial statements. At the same time accept the supervision of society, all the files are available in our official website Buyers, adhering to the “open, fair and transparent” principle.

Cultural and trade associations in Britain’s Guangdong Overseas Chinese, Chinese entrepreneurs and individual-based, non-profit organizations raise voluntary participation, the association also welcomes non-nationals to join Guangdong. This will provide members of the British interpretation of the corporate culture, personal or business investment, understand the relevant laws and tax consulting services in Britain differences, corporate social values, ownership and other assets. The two sides will be committed to working with the British cultural and commercial real opportunity to negotiate, to provide accurate details, crisis management and other services to individuals or businesses in Britain and the Sino-British cultural values ​​of similarities and differences in various types of activities the formation of a shared culture and lifestyle of health and happiness, so to build a culture, education, arts, tourism, culture, food culture platform for the promotion of foreign coverage.

Chapter 2 The Purpose Association

1. promote cultural exchange between Guangzhou and the surrounding areas and the United Kingdom; participation in two charitable activities.
2. Organizational and recreational activities and associations worldwide and Commerce, to promote the dissemination of the world, to promote activities in the field of education, sports, arts, tourism and food culture of Lingnan cultural exchanges and make positive efforts.

Chapter III Organization Structure

The first organizational structure

Federation Founded: Let the Standing Committee, set up the president and executive vice chairman and secretary general each one, including the Advisory Board functions, cultural planning, Media Relations, Secretariat, Finance Department, Legal Advisory Department. The Council is the highest oversight body.

The second generation members of the organization

(A) the president and executive vice president will be nominated by the executive director, members of the Assembly are elected for a term of two years and may be reappointed once.
(B) honorary president nominated by the Executive President, members of the General Assembly.
(3) Other departments by the President, the Executive President proposed, and the directors will discuss the establishment.

The third member of the organization and management responsibilities

(A) as President
The president has the duty to be responsible for the operation and Development Association; representatives present will participate, attend the Association’s activities and meetings; when the president is unable to attend the meeting, could be entrusted to other members of the organization attended the nomination, executive vice president and other sector candidates; neither leave as president, and did not send representatives to attend, once referred to as absent, if absent three times, for a waiver of the president office.

The president has the right to elect and to be elected; consciously abide by the rules and regulations, the obligation to pay the dues of active, Jiande Shu-yan, cultural and commercial atmosphere is always remember responsibilities.

(B) Executive Vice President in
Executive vice president assist the president presided over the participation of various types of events and meetings, going out when the president can not handle its work chaired by the executive vice president of the agent. Acting President participate, and always attend meetings related activities; executive vice president, when for some reason can not attend the meeting, the members present may entrust other organizations; and other departments nominate candidates; neither leave as executive vice president, and not represented, once referred to as absent, if absent three times, for a waiver of the president office.

Executive vice president have the right to be elected and elected; consciously abide by the rules and regulations, the obligation of positive contributions, Jiande Shu-yan, cultural and commercial atmosphere is always remember responsibilities.

(C) The Secretary-General

Assist the president, vice president job, good staff and assistants. In charge of the daily affairs, presided over a meeting, decided to deal with the various project components. Member grasp the basic situation, be issued on the situation, up to the lower levels, and effectively act as a bridge and link. Memorabilia is responsible for writing the meetings work to develop objective job responsibilities and objectives of the Association are summarized. Including arrangements for planning, development programs and their implementation.

The Secretary-General has the right to elect and to be elected; consciously abide by the rules and regulations, the obligation to pay the dues of active, Jiande Shu-yan, cultural and commercial atmosphere is always remember responsibilities.

Chapter IV Membership

Applied to join the membership of this Council, you must meet the following conditions:

(A) support the constitution of this Council;
(B) to join the Council will;
(C) have a certain influence in this business area, and the initiative will be dedicated enthusiastic public welfare-oriented.

Chapter membership program

(A) to submit the application form;
(B) the Council through discussion;
(C) by the Council or the Council authorized organization membership card and membership contacts.

Chapter membership rights and obligations

(A) Those who recognize the constitution, fulfill obligations of businesses and individuals can apply to join.
(B) the individual or business to apply for membership approval Association Committee formally become a member.
(Iii) an individual or member companies have the freedom to voluntarily express their views, elect and be elected authority.
(D) Members are obliged to pay contributions on a regular basis, and has priority access to the powers of the services are rendered.
(E) Member If demand can apply in writing to the Council Secretariat by the Research Council decided that this would be in line with the law and obtained Association functional support and help.
(Vi) of the financial status will be monitored.
(Vii) access to information, advisory services provided by the Council.
(Viii) Member Association shall comply with the rules and regulations, and the development of positive social image-oriented will make efforts, and consciously safeguard the interests and reputation of the Association. As members in criminal acts, the executive director of the resolutions may be removed.
Any liability (ix) The Association pays for any criminal acts membership units.

Chapter VII of the sources of funding

(A) Contributions;
(B) donations;
(C) government funding;
(D) to carry out income-generating activities or services within the approved business scope;
(V) interest;

Note: The final interpretation of the statute governing committee.

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