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Brief introduction

“12th Five Year Plan” at the outset, “the development of cultural industry into a pillar industry of the national economy” in the year of the preparatory process, contacting a large number of cultural and creative industries eager to go abroad, into the world, in this environment, Lingnan COMMERCIAL always homeopathy and health.

Throughout the world, “Wen to statecraft, business to aid the people” of the concept, with the rise of China on the occasion of my big, popular. Concept for us here, are a successful career, it is politics, business, academia and the arts of the leaders, why not take “pot liquor Happy Encounter bank,” the occasion, far villain, near talented people; far strife; heavy nostalgia and common affairs, and discuss the great cause?

Today, the three will also an emerging community, but also look at this country and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the consulate to pay more to support various community leaders to pay more advice, help, also hope all of you will pay more attention is drawn to this trend and give valuable advice!
34f607021a-dddddGuangzhou Association of British culture and trade activities in the future:
1. Acceptance of the Foreign Affairs department, Guangzhou and the surrounding areas to guide overseas Chinese affairs department, and the local Man United, sports, major institutions practice docking, to maintain good relations, promotion of friendly exchanges.
2. The contractor / Co various arts, academic groups or individuals in the United Kingdom of exhibitions, performances and other commercial activities;
3. The contractor / co-cultures in English / Travel / Study Abroad class department / individual promotional activities in China and other commercial activities;
4. The members organize regular cultural tourism, roots / cultural salon;

a5da8ed1fe-文商会logoBritish Lingnan COMMERCIAL always future action:
1. On the basis of the Guangzhou Economic and Trade Council, will expand the scope of business to other provinces, and further out of the country to create the conditions for the motherland and cultural industries;
2. the integration of other resources in the UK, set up each function group associations, and to coordinate and mobilize resources in the major activities;
3. The accumulation of small, joint stock company, formed a Chinese consortium;
4. Strengthening and other Chinese associations, including the European Chinese                                                                 community linkages;
5. actively participate in various charitable activities;
6. Members provide various mutual difficulties.
All England Federation of future tourism and cultural activities:
1. and various politicians, overseas Chinese to maintain good relations;
2. British tourism sector to strengthen ties, the Chinese community norms qualified tour guides;
3. tourism and cultural development, provide transportation, hotels and other service facilities;
The contractor / co-promotion activities in the British Travel Association / China.

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