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  Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Association in North Point, Hong Kong Flower Palace Restaurant, Guangzhou and Hong Kong jointly organized the 18th anniversary of the Reunification Overseas Chinese goods Lai forum. Minister of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee, United Front Work Department organized 王世彤 and five overseas unit leaders attended the meeting, ...

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Federation system training


  The three-day training course the year 2015 the federation system Guangzhou, Conghua afternoon classes and training in order to promote innovation and the development of the Federation under the theme of the new normal, more than 230 city, district, street town federation participating in the training of cadres.

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Overseas Chinese Culture Day


  The second session of the Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Culture Day was held this morning in Guangzhou logistics hall, vice chairman of China Federation of Returned Overseas Kang Xiaoping, Chairman of the provincial cities and nearly a thousand Guangzhou Overseas Chinese public to participate in activities. Provincial, municipal dance theater, ...

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Federation work exchange


  This morning, the national capital of the nineteenth, deputy provincial cities federation work Seminar held in Guangzhou Hotel. There are 28 sub-provincial federation Chairman of the provincial capital and the city of Hong Kong and Macao overseas compatriot responsible participants. Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Vice President Kang Xiaoping, ...

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